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About 3 million Americans have dental implants to improve dental appearance and fix malfunctions caused by missing teeth. This number increases by about 500,000 dental implants every year. Cosmetic dentistry professionals Susan Rifkin, DDS, and Zachary Rifkin, DDS, lead the team at Rifkin Dental Group in Atlanta, Georgia. They have trained in the Maxi Implant Course, a subsidiary of the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University. They then continued their education with Advanced Dental Implant Studies, a think-tank of advanced implantologists from all over the country. Dr Zachary Rifkin is currently working on obtaining his associate fellowship certification with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID). If you're unhappy with your teeth, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment today.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant provides a replacement tooth when you have one or more teeth missing. It’s made up of a titanium screw placed in the jawbone; an abutment, or “inner” tooth, that attaches to the screw; and a crown, bridge, or denture to replace one or more missing natural teeth.

 Dental implants are one of the most successful tooth-replacement procedures. The team at Rifkin Dental Group talk you through your options and discuss which are most suitable for you.


How do dental implants work?

Rifkin Dental Group offers implants as a replacement for an individual tooth, several teeth, or entire arches, and also as an aid to support removable dentures.

Single tooth

Your dentist inserts the implant into the space created by the missing tooth. They match the crown to the surrounding teeth so that it blends seamlessly.

Several teeth

If several of your teeth are missing, one or two implants can hold dental bridges in place rather than placing individual implants for each missing tooth. The process uses your new replacement teeth to support the bridgework, preventing damage to your remaining teeth.

All teeth

If you’ve lost most of your natural teeth, implants can support an entire arch of permanent dentures. Your dentist places 4-6 implants per arch, which anchor the dentures in place.

Denture support

Implants support removable dentures by transferring the pressure from the bone surface on which the dentures sit to the bone structure itself. They're more comfortable to wear and better for your oral health too.


What can you expect during dental implant surgery?

Getting dental implants takes several months. It's done in stages to allow your mouth to heal between procedures.

First, your dentist places a titanium screw into your jawbone that will act as an artificial root to secure your new tooth. The bone takes 1-3 months to heal. As it heals, it fuses to the screw, anchoring it in place.

Once your jaw has healed, your dentist attaches an abutment — a small connector — to the implant before placing a temporary crown atop the abutment. They then take an impression of your mouth to create a new permanent tooth that looks and performs exactly like your old tooth. Once it’s ready, they switch your temporary cap for the permanent crown. 

The team at Rifkin Dental Group uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology in all of their implant procedures. Book your consultation today over the phone or through the online booking tool.


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